DSA In-Plant Inspection

Our DSA-certified inspectors perform  in-plant inspection for modular and relocatable buildings for projects  under DSA jurisdiction.  We cover all aspects of in-plant inspection,  including AWS Certified Welding Inspectors for structural welding  inspection, ACI-certified technicians for concrete-on-deck sampling and  testing, and DSA RBIP inspectors. 

Special Inspection

We perform special inspection in the following categories:

  • Concrete reinforcing steel placement   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Concrete placement inspection   (ACI & ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Masonry inspection   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Structural steel & bolting inspection   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Welding inspection   (AWS-certified inpectors)
  • Welding inspection   (AWS-certified inspectors)

Construction Materials Testing

 We perform field and laboratory material testing for these items:

  • Soil moisture-density curves for compaction  (ASTM D1557 and CAL-216 methods)  
  • Concrete compression strength testing   (ASTM C39 method)  
  • Spray-applied fire resistive materials, thickness and density (ASTM E605 method)  
  • Structural steel welder qualifications   (AWS D1.1 specification)